Mother and Daughter Accountancy Team

It has become a family affair at a Wrexham accountants after the boss employed both a mother and her daughter.

Sue O’Hanlon has worked at Mike Griffiths & Partners in Gresford for the last 14 years as an Accountant and Payroll administrator.

When her daughter Becky needed work experience as part of her school years at Darland School in Rossett her mum took her under her wing at the firm.

Little did she know that her daughter would later become a permanent fixture in the office when company owner, James Denton, employed her as a trainee accountant.

Becky, 21 who lives with her mum in Gresford, said they work in separate offices at the Gresford office so do not spend every hour of the day together.

Becky, who is studying Accountancy at Yale College, said she was excited about following in her mum’s footsteps.

“I did work experience here when I was in school and then my interest went from there.

“Every day is different and I am learning new things all of the time. It is a very interesting profession to be in.

“I plan to go as far as I can within the industry,” she said.

Mr Denton, who bought the company from Mr Griffiths four years ago after joining the company in April 2008, said Becky had great enthusiasm for the job and obviously was doing well following in her mum’s career path.

“It is a pleasure to be able to give a young person like Becky the chance to get her foot on the career ladder.

“She is getting the on the job experience whilst also gaining her qualifications.

“We often forget they are mother and daughter as they work very professionally and it is often when people comment on the same surnames that we remember they are related,” he said.

“Becky’s story just shows how making a good impression during work experience can offer an opportunity in latter years. I hope other employer’s give young people the same opportunity.

“I wish Becky every success in her future career as an accountant.”

Posted by MGP Accountants on 26th Sep 2013 13:59:45